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Are you in the process of improving your workers’ protective clothing to ensure their safety? Then you came to the right place! This page educates you on all relevant aspects of protective clothing and helps you prioritize. You will feel confident to take the right safety decisions your company needs, and your colleagues love.

Arc flash protective clothing

Protective clothing for arc flash

Protective clothing is a crucial part of arc flash protection to prevent flashovers from causing injuries. Working with electrical panels or switchboards, for example.

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Protective clothing welding

Protective clothing for welding

Welding can be a dangerous profession. The right protective clothing protects workers that get exposed to the various dangers of welding.

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Protective clothing chemicals

Protective clothing for working with chemicals

Working with chemicals often means exposure to chemical splash. It is extremely important to protect your workers against this.

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Flame retardant clothing

Flame retardant clothing

In many work environments, professionals encounter risks of heat and flames. Learn how to select the right flame retardant clothing.

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High visibility clothing

High visibility protective clothing

In many industries workers should be perfectly visible at all times. High visibility clothing makes them feel safe and confident.

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Anti static clothing

Anti static protective clothing

Protective clothing that is able to prevent electrostatic charging, is called anti static clothing. When do you need anti static clothing?

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Looking beyond safety: important selection criteria for protective clothing

Even when you are able to prioritize the most important safety criteria for your work environment, there are other elements that are worth considering.

To contribute to an enjoyable work experience, protective fabrics should hit the right parameters in moisture absorption, breathability, weight, and softness on the skin. A wear trial is an effective way to collect honest feedback from employees on these important elements. Read more about comfort and its impact on safety in this blog.

If you want to make sure the garment does not wear down before its intended lifetime, you should take durability into consideration, for example when it comes to washing and repairing. Read more about the importance of washing protocols in this blog.

In the process from raw material all the way to the recycled end product, each party in the value chain has environmental responsibilities. So does your organization! The first step is to encourage fabric suppliers to look for sustainable fabric solutions. Learn more about sustainability and protective clothing in this blog.

You want to create a garment that matches your corporate identity and that employees wear with pride. Garment makers can help you find a protective clothing design that strengthens your brand. 

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