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Are you ready and suited up for a brand new cool?

Bastien Nommé May 18, 2021

At TenCate Protective Fabrics we’re about to launch something very ‘cool’ for the fire services industry. We believe that ‘clean is the new cool’ and we’re on a journey to share some of that ‘cool’ with you. Without saying too much too soon, here’s a taste of what’s to come for our brand new, soon-to-be-launched product line:


Let’s face it. Working in the fire services industry means laundering of garments is simply essential since you may very well get down and dirty. Gear can easily get soiled and faded through repeated use. And good laundering also of course means chemicals can be washed out and therefore won’t come into contact with your skin.

But with laundering comes the fading of fabric. And we all know that washing garments at high temperatures can cause colours to eventually lighten and can make protective clothes look pretty unsightly and non-uniform for your team - a little ‘uncool’.

As such, we want to ensure our fabrics retain their colour and we’ve been working on a proper solution to this for our new clothing range. After all, who doesn’t want their team to look vibrant and ready for action at all times? Added to that, good and clean-looking uniforms can create a sense of pride amongst wearers. And that does wonders for team spirit.

Something new is coming...
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We know that in addition to looking ‘cool’, our firefighting fabric must naturally offer all-round protection from chemicals.

In particular, particle contamination and exposure to toxic residues by repeated fire interventions are known problems in our field. And as a protective fabric company, we want to minimise exposure to such risks as far as we can – and now even more so with our new clothing range. So to do this, we’ve been thoroughly doing our research to ensure constant fabric innovation.

Ensuring constant vibrancy, coolness and protection means we need to be on top of our game and regularly on the lookout to improve your firefighting suits on a range of fronts. In fact, we’re frequently researching trends in the industry to do so and have even written about the 6 Trends in Firefighting Suits which demonstrates the latest observations in the industry and we’re taking this into account with our new product lines.


In addition to the fact that our new range is colourfast, the fabric is also more breathable and cooler than previous designs. And it enables the wearer to move even more freely because of its lightness and cool quality.

Moreover, our soon-to-be-launched fabrics are already proven to be cool with firefighters. That’s because we’ve recently done a trial run with a brigade in the Dutch ‘Veiligheidsregio’ (safety region) of IJsselland. Durable firefighting suits made from our fabric have been well-received and one of the firefighters wearing our new fabric had this to say about it:

“The suit feels comfortable, light, insulates well - both in the cold and in the heat […] I am very positive about this suit”


So imagine equally wearing a cool, lightweight firefighting suit that doesn’t fade in the wash and that’s still protective? It is for these reasons we’ve been hard at work creating a brand-new fabric line that combines our years of expertise in protective fabrics with our concerns for health, safety, cleanlinessand aesthetics.

We believe in creating protective fabrics that adhere to these concerns and that are made for lifeit’s our company mission after all. Garments made from our fabrics should not only be protective but also remain in a constantly fresh and vibrant condition.


If you think that this news is ‘cool’, keep posted for our next blog post about another unique feature of our upcoming new firefighting fabric line. And why not sign up to receive the latest information as soon as our fabrics are launched and available? We’ll send you details about our upcoming virtual launch experience. And added to that, you’ll also get insights into the fire service market. Join us in this new journey by signing up below.

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Something new is coming...

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