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Suiting up with new end-user focused emergency response solutions

You’ve probably noticed it, too: the world is starting up again, with the industries most affected by COVID-19 slowly beginning to recover. At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we’re working on a new reality as our end users get back to business — or continue business, for the crucial sectors who have worked tirelessly these past months. While the needs of medical workers have garnered the most attention during this global health crisis, Emergency Response workers also have an increased need for protective workwear to help them perform their jobs safely.

Recently, we've been receiving orders from safety-conscious fire brigades looking to improve the features of their protective workwear. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, since the innovation lab at TenCate Protective Fabrics has been busy developing new products behind the scenes. Some of these products are being developed in close collaboration with the end users themselves, as our innovation is always a direct response to their unmet needs.

A recent example of this is a new fabric we’re developing for the IJsselland Safety Region, who were looking to update their firefighter suits with the most advanced developments in the market. TenCate Protective Fabrics had been innovating a fabric solution which happened to match IJsseland’s needs for new garments perfectly, so we joined forces to bring the solution to market. With a successful wear trial phase now behind us, we look forward to sharing more details when the product launches soon.

It’s unique in the Emergency Response industry for fire brigades to consult directly with a fabric producer and get involved in product development at such an early stage. We see this as a strength which allows us to distinguish the performance of the fabric in development and prepare a unique solution. We welcome the chance to work directly with more Emergency Response end users, translating their unmet needs and wants into innovative fabric solutions. Our end users keep TenCate Protective Fabrics’ innovation machine running.

We think it’s brilliant that in spite of COVID-19 challenges, so many fire brigades are motivated to continue improving and innovating on their protective workwear. No one’s health and safety at work should be compromised, especially not right now.

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