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Made for Life, made for this moment

Michael Laton May 12, 2020

Rewind back two years. When we repositioned TenCate Protective Fabrics' global brand to center around end users, we decided that “Made for Life” would become our new driving purpose, with the goal of protecting end users so that they feel empowered to protect others. Back then, we had no idea just how relevant this mission would become in 2020. In the past few months, Made for Life has literally been brought to life. Not only is it guiding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s allowing first responders around the globe to feel confident they can carry out their work safely on the frontlines.

Putting end users first

Made for Life isn’t a theoretical posture, it’s a very concrete one. Now more than ever, we’re looking outside-in. By focusing on the actual needs of real end users out in the world, we help them to do what they’re great at: saving lives. Because protective clothing is paramount in work environments with high risk levels like the COVID-19 frontlines, it’s crucial we work quickly to provide first responders with the best possible solutions. To do that, we’re keenly listening to what they’re telling us about their experiences, then using these insights to quickly adapt our existing product portfolio to their immediate needs.


We believe that top-of-the-line personal protective equipment (PPE) provides much more than just physical protection. It provides its wearers with comfort and confidence in challenging situations. At TenCate Protective Fabrics, our goal is to clear the way for frontline professionals by reducing any anxieties they may feel about the availability and effectiveness of their protective clothing. Not every garment material on the market is the right one for them, and they may not have sufficient information to make an informed decision. Made for Life also means creating valuable content that educates end users on how to work safely in their protective garments, empowering them to carry on in the hazardous situations they may find themselves in.

Innovating in real time

In times like these, we have a clear choice: wait out the storm or be more pro-active to come up with fresh solutions. Made for Life refers to TenCate Protective Fabrics’ commitment to use our long-standing experience to drive innovation for the future, or in this case, the present. Currently, our innovation teams are developing new products in real time with the COVID-19 frontline worker in mind. We’re also working very extensively with all our supply chain partners to support essential workers around the world.

Made for this moment

Generations of professionals have relied on TenCate Protective Fabrics for safety, comfort and confidence, yet we’ve never been more proud to provide our end users with protective workwear that truly is Made for Life. It’s clear that we’re navigating a unique moment in history together. We sincerely hope that the entire PPE value chain will rally around this sentiment, and that as a result, frontline professionals will feel confident they can carry out their work safely and effectively while protecting the lives of others.

Overview1Today, we quickly adapt our existing production to meet the current needs of our end users. As a result, fresh white takes over our operations. Photography by Eric Brinkhorst.

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Michael Laton

Vice President of Global Strategy, Marketing & Innovation | TenCate Protective Fabrics